Being Fat at Universal Studios

I am fat.  Its just the fact of the matter. And as a fat person, one thing that I always want to know and rarely get to know is: Can I go on rides at amusement parks?  For years I’ve spread the lie that “I don’t like rides”, “I don’t like Roller Coasters” when the honest truth of it is that I don’t know if I’ll fit and I’d rather avoid the ride than make the walk of shame.  So when my husband said we could go to Universal Studios, I was pumped!! But about 30 seconds later I was filled with fear, and the subsequently spent the next 4 months googling “fat people at universal studios”.   So here’s to those googlers who want to know, what should they look out for.

My size at the time of our trip was 300+ pounds at about 5ft 3in.  I tell you this not so you can be a dick about it, but so that the ones reading this for their own sake can judge and compare themselves.  This is also something I’m quite actively working on.  So I hope to give you another post in  the future that has different results.

Prior to the trip my assumption is that I would not be able to go on any rides.  I even spent the entire first day avoiding the rides just so I didn’t have to deal with it.  On the second day however, my husbad wanted to go on a ride “Poseidon’s Fury”, we had a debate on where it was a ride or a show (more of a show btw). But I was essentially terrified because I didn’t want to get in a ride. So we asked the employees at the entrance, they said it would be fine, it was.  My point is though that I asked pretty much every employee at the head of a line “Can fat people ride this?” and all were very polite and most answered with “I don’t see anyone here too fat to ride this”.  Which was very reassuring.

Only one ride required any assistance fitting (Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges).  I had a little trouble with the seat belt so the worker assisted me.  He wasn’t shy or gentle helping me, and I actually liked it because I didn’t feel bad at all, this seemed to be something he did all the time and had no problem with it.  He also offered to lengthen my seat belt if I wasn’t comfortable, but I was fine.  When people are too gentle with me regarding this issue I tend to feel kind of disgusting, and I NEVER felt that way at Universal Studios at all.

I was however too fat for the Harry Potter rides (which were also tight for my husband who is much smaller around that I am).  Basically my algorithm by the end of the second day was this, If it has a test seat try it out, if it doesn’t have a test seat, I’ll be fine.  And that advice worked perfectly for the rest of the trip.   Below are a list of the rides that I Fit, Didn’t Fit, and Test Seat Results

Universal Island’s of Adventure
Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls – Test Seat Fit, Easily (tall people might have issues with this one).
Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges – Fit, with assistance.
Jurassic Park River Adventure – Fit, Easily
The Cat in the Hat – Fit, Easily
The Amazing Adventures of SpiderMan – Fit
Skull Island: Reign of Kong – Fit, Easily (no lap bar)
The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride – Fit
Storm Force Accelatron – Fit
Poseidon’s Fury – Not a ride, its a show
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey – Didn’t Fit the Test Seat (my arms were too big, really? Arms?!)
Hogwarts Express-Fit, easily

Universal Studios Florida
Transformers – Fit
Hogwarts Express-Fit, Easily
Escape From Gringotts’s- Didn’t Fit Test Seat (Knees too wide, might also be an issue for tall people).
Men In Black – Fit, felt tight, but no problem being able to ride.
The Simpson’s Ride – Fit

So as long as there’s no test seat, anyone of basically any size can ride. If there is a test seat, try it out.  Don’t be ashamed because for most of them my husband wasn’t sure if he’d fit either, and no one cares or is watching so you do you, have fun and enjoy yourself.

And wear good walking shoes!! I tried to be stylin’ and wear boots, it only ended up tearing up my feet. But the other three days in keds were just fine, though.

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself, don’t feel ashamed of who you are.  You are beautiful. So it might not be the person designed to be stuffed like a pimento into a amusement park seat, that’s not really your problem.  You’re just out having the time of your life at Universal Studios.

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