Westgate Lakes Resort, Orlando FL (Full Resort Review)

I wanted to make sure I made a post reviewing the Westgate Lakes Resort separate from the sales staff at WLR in Orlando.

You can tell from a previous post that I had a fair amount of issues with the sales staff at WLR.  They tricked me into taking the timeshare tour, made me miss most of a park day because of it, and wouldn’t let me do it without my husband present.  Once my husband did show up, no one made eye contact with me for the rest of the presentation.  They ONLY spoke to my husband.  It was incredibly insulting, and as my introduction to Westgate, I was incredibly turned off.   I was ready to chuck the entire group and just stick with my Marriott loyalties.  But where is took the sales staff 2 days to dig the hole, it took the resort staff 5 days to fill it in to the point that I am willing to give them another chance.  Although, I’m not sold, I’m also not a hater….yet.

Apart from sales staff, the resort was HUGE.  I felt like little more than a chicken in a coup.  And personally, if your resort is big enough to require a shuttle, its probably too big to make your customers feel special.

So what did they do right?

The shuttle would come pick us up at any time that we called for it, and would make the rounds regardless.  So I didn’t need to waste my amusement park feet on walking to the front gate.  They were also incredible friendly about it, often keeping light conversation and always offering more than we needed.

The cleaning crew came in mid week.  In all my years of timesharing, I have NEVER had someone come in mid-stay to clean.   My husband and I were saving most of our cleaning for after our park days were up, but they came in and did all of it for us.  The dishes, the linens, cleaned the bathrooms.  I was so surprised.

Trash pickup.  This one I’m torn on whether its a positive or a negative.  To put out the trash all one needed to do is set it outside of the door and someone came to pick it up.  The pickup is quick, I never saw the bags a second time.  The only reason I thought it might be a negative was because the timeshare prices seemed exorbitantly high (not for me, yay exchange program) but when they tried to sell me the timeshare I was appalled at just how much they were trying to charge for the rooms.

Free Internet.  WLR does not offer internet to non-owners.  This is a big deal because its kind of an archaic practice.  But my husband called the desk and did little more than ask for internet, and they gave it to us.  So I was impressed by that.

Serenity Spa.  This spa will get its own post, but what I can say here is that it is the 2nd best spa I’ve ever been to.  Spa Reviews are what got me into reviewing experiences, so this is a MASSIVE commendation in my book.

Park Shuttles!!! This saved us almost $100 in parking.  We were able to bus to the parks without any problems, and while the buses were always a little late, it wasn’t more than 10 minutes or so.  Definitely a huge perk.

So while the sales staff did a lot to damage my image of Westgate, the rest of the staff worked their butts off to recover it.  I haven’t become a fan, but I’ll give Westgate a second chance. This time I’ll be braced to ward off the sales people from the get go.

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